Friday, 20 September 2013

#smwSMILE is coming! A Storify preview

SMILE London (Social Media In the Large Enterprise) is the simply-communicate's conference on the value of enterprise social networks (ESN) and social collaboration to help change the culture of organisations and improve their internal communications.

On Monday 23 September, the conference will be an opportunity to learn, get new insights and knowledge around making business social.

Fascinating case studies from large companies that have successfully embarked on their internal social media journey - for the benefit of both their employees and the whole organisation - will be discussed.

Key findings from a new research will be presented.

A dozen of sessions will be also moderated to exchange ideas and share knowledge around a variety of topics: leadership communications, internal social media policies and practice, community management, the future of intranets, content and news, employee engagement, social networking, internal communications qualifications, collaborative technology, social media and HR, and how social media can extend the lifecycle of seminars.

For the occasion, I have created a Storify preview of the conference to capture some of the content and online conversations that has been shared around SMILE London during the past days.

To follow SMILE London on Twitter: go to @simplycomm #smwSMILE #SMILEnet