Saturday, 28 September 2013

#smwSMILE: capturing the online resources

On Monday 23 September, simply-communicate run SMILE London, the conference on Social Media In the Large Enterprise.

The event, which was attended by 150 professionals with an interest in enterprise social networks (ESN), focused on the value of making business social.

During the day, stories of a variety of companies successfully adopting internal social media, as well as experts' discussions took place in an interview format.

Sessions guided by moderators gave attendees also the opportunity to network and share ideas around internal communications and social media.

The level of involvement and participation to the conference was very high, that a great amount of online content and conversations were created during the day and afterward.

This Storify is meant to be a source of information and curation of all the material generated around SMILE London and shared on social media. As such, it will continue to be updated with more content made available in future.

The next SMILE London conference will be on 17th March 2014.