Sunday, 23 March 2014

Keep SMiLing...ESN resources

This week was a bit special for simply-communicate: our fourth SMiLE London- Social Media in the Large Enterprise - was held on March 17th. More than 200 delegates gathered at the prestigious St Paul's venue to hear some of the best enterprise social network (ESN) stories that we research and feature in our magazine.

            Photo by Ben Eden

On Friday, we published and shared all the news, resources and videos from the conference. If you are interested in internal communications and social business you might learn something new and find useful ideas to bring to work. You can have a look at each story – videos, slideshares, pictures, related content - from the following links too:

Pearson have introduced a Jive-based social network to replace 170 intranets and to connect employees from companies as diverse as the FT to Penguin Random House. This was the chance to learn the lessons from Karen Gettman and Kim England about their Neo platform- one of the most mature and successful examples of an employee social network.

Grundfos is the world’s largest manufacturer of pumps with more than 18,000 employees. They also happen to be one of the most innovative users of Yammer in Europe. The enterprise social network is taking the organisation to an entirely new level of co-operation and innovation. Head of Global Working Culture and Social Business Thomas Asger Hansen shared with us the progress they have made in less than a year. 6,000 worldwide employees are active members of the Yammer community. 1,500 staff are engaged every month and around 400 communities have been created on the network. We also heard from Martin Risgaard Rasmussen, who recently moved from Grundfos to Yammer and Rav Dhaliwali, building and leading Yammer's European Customer Success organisation in the UK, France & Germany.

Ben Thompson, Digital Communications Manager at the Head Office of Johnson Matthey, the global speciality chemicals business, took us through the launch of their ESN myJM. He described the experiences of their first year and how they built adoption and developed a champion's community in a very traditional scientific and engineering business.

Sarah Etherton and her colleague David Ingram, Senior Writer/Editor at Unilever talked about the Jam session they orchestrated for managers. The Change Leaders Conference is a two-day event that brings together 400 of Unilever’s most senior managers from around the globe. Its purpose is to share and hone plans that will help achieve the company’s Compass strategy and Sustainable Living Plan ambitions. Traditionally, this has been a closed event followed by an internal company-wide cascade via a series of town-hall type events to share and localise top-level outputs from the two-days. However, in 2013, for the very first time, thousand of employees and contractors were able to engage with the live conference – virtually – through Unilever’s internal online social collaboration tool, Chatter.

Some of most popular tweeters, bloggers and forum owners in the UK social business space run their expert table sessions. Delegates were be able to choose from: online content and news for the intranet; social networking and the social construction of organisational culture; internal social media adoption; social media strategy; engaging your mobile employees; the link between employee voice and social media; how internal social media supports employee engagement; gamifying the enterprise; video on ESNs; working with SharePoint 2013; the mobile enterprise; managing your career.

            Photo by Ben Eden

SMiLE London: Driving Business Value at Thomson Reuters

When Larraine Solomon joined Thomson Reuters she took a great risk; she stopped sending out important information via email. Suddenly 4,000 people were cut off from their usual source of announcements about senior appointments and important business news. In meetings people started to notice that certain colleagues would know key information before they did. How? Because they were reading it on The Hub – the company’s employee social network. In this enthralling session Larraine Solomon, Director of Internal Communications for IP & Science and Audrey Scarff, Editor in Chief of The Hub, talked about the growth of their online connected workspace.

SMiLE London: Social Business in the Public Sector

Norman Jardine, the Head of the Internal Communication unit of the European Commission and his colleague Julie Guegan, talked about how the European Commission, one of the largest public administrations in the world with 30,000 employees and 24 languages, has been using internal digital channels to drive cultural change, create a more collaborative organisation and connect with external stakeholders. They also spoke about their annual Digital Competence Day(#ecdigiday), an event they have been organising to get staff on board with their digital agenda.

Chris Thompson of regional newspaper group Archant has over 4 years under his belt managing their Socialcast network. So what difference does time make as your network becomes more mature? We heard from him if plans turned out as expected and whether the hurdles of social were as difficult to overcome as we might think when you set out.

Lafarge, the world's largest cement manufacturer, is using a knowledge management platform to spread the company's best practicesto 40,000 employees across 63 countries. The seeds of today's Einstein, were first planted in 2002. Knowledge Manager, Jean-Luc Abelindescribed the journey of an organisation that entirely transformed the way colleagues share and use knowledge to improve their performance.

As we can see from these stories the world of employee social networks and social business is in constant development. Many are the implications on communication, innovation, relationships, experiences, behaviours and productivity. I look forward to keeping exploring this on-going evolution as well as its value to the future of work.

Ps: During the conference more than 2,000 tweets were generated including the ones curated in the below Storify. Keep SMiLing!