Thursday, 31 July 2014

Time to SMiLE for Marginalia on Engagement readers

Interested in how organisations are adopting internal social media to change the way they work, improve their communications and innovate? Simply join SMiLE London on 25th September via Marginalia on Engagement!

At simply-communicate we spend the year tracking down the best stories of Social Media Inside the Large Enterprise (SMiLE). We report and publish case studies, articles and news each Friday on our simply-communicate magazine.

While we keep a close eye on the latest technology, our main focus is the culture, the behaviours and the human side of digital transformation.

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Many of you have shown great appreciation, interest and warmth around my reporting. Thank you! That gives me energy and even more enthusiasm to continue writing and publishing around a topic I feel very passionate about!

Another way to say thank you is by giving all Marginalia on Engagement’s readers an exclusive 33% saving to SMiLE London event on 25th September. All you need to do is enter the code ‘Marginalia’ in the promotional code box.

What’s SMiLE London?

SMiLE London is the biannual conference by simply-communicate on Social Media Inside the Large Enterprise.

Every six months at simply-communicate we identify the top employee social network stories from our publication. 

We do this by taking into consideration a number of factors: innovative leadership communications, cultural change, social media adoption, strategy, employee engagement, community building and much more.

However, ultimately it’s our readers who tell us what the most interesting case studies are and what they want to know more about - and we value that feedback! We then bring these successful stories live onstage at SMiLE London.

I will continue keeping you informed and updated on the subject through my reporting and publishing. At the same time I hope you will be able to join us on 25th September – just remember to enter the promotional code ‘Marginalia’ to get your 33% discount! 

What to expect from SMiLE London on 25th September? Here is the AGENDA

9:30: Welcome and State of ESNs in Europe with Marc Wright and Silvia Cambié

10:00 Keynote Speaker: Dave Shepherd, Barclays

Dave Shepherd has been working for Barclays for 25 years and has never seen anything like it. The Head of Frontline Help at the third largest UK bank is talking about the change that followed the introduction of their mobile intranet 18 months ago. Now the rest of the communications community is catching up with this revolution. The Employee App has given everyone in the Bank a voice for the first time, and underpins Barclays' Digital Eagles campaign that is giving them a real advantage in the competitive arena of digital banking.

10:40 Toby Jones, Rugby Football Union

This is an exciting time for the Rugby Football Union (RFU). With the Rugby World Cup coming to England next year there is an added impetus to improve their internal communications. Toby Jones , Internal Communications Manager at RFU explains how their SharePoint 2013 -based solution integrates with the enterprise social network (ESN) Yammer. "We launched Yammer first, in the period of July-August and let it gather momentum. Then, when the adoption levels within the network were high, we launched the full SharePoint intranet."

11:20: Break and Exhibition

11:50 Marc Jadoul of Alcatel Lucent

Marc Jadoul is the Strategic Marketing Director at Alcatel-Lucent in Belgium and one of the global advocates of their internal platform Engage. He talks about how they built a platform to last:
“If we had aligned our platform to the organisational structure of Alcatel-Lucent it would be obsolete by now. "We wanted to break the silos so there is absolutely no hierarchy in the whole system. It really is the virtual water-cooler.” 

12:30 Table sessions

A choice of 30 separate table sessions led by our expert moderators covering all aspects of social media in the large enterprise.
Some of our experts are well-known for running their own networks; others are subject experts in Engagement, Career Development, Community building, Collaboration and Adoption.

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Table sessions continued 

Your chance to get a second bite of the cherry and visit another table.
All the App developers will be there so you can discuss how to use these micro-applications to transform parts of your communications.
We will also cover SharePoint 2013 and all the Enterprise Social Networks.

14:30 Jean-Paul Chapon, Societe Generale 

Banking is undergoing a major transformation led by digital technology. Customers are increasingly using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets rather than brick-and- mortar bank branches to access their accounts and buy financial products. In order to embrace these changes however, banks need to look inside first. As Jean-Paul Chapon , Head of Digital Communication and e-Reputation at Société Générale puts it, “we cannot succeed externally and benefit from the many opportunities currently available, if we don’t change and digitalise our internal ways of working”.

15:10 Claire Goring & Laura Jennings, Dentsu Aegis Network

Claire Goring is Global Head of Internal Communications at Dentsu Aegis Network, the international media and digital marketing communications group. Claire has led and developed internal communication strategies for large organisations undergoing extensive change. Having previously worked for a number of global organisations across law, technology, engineering and telecoms, Claire has also worked for Virgin Atlantic for a number of years leading communications on a number of high profile campaigns including the hugely successful Heathrow Terminal 3 build programme, Upper Class product and Airbus new aircraft launches.

Laura Jennings is Senior Internal Communications Manager at Dentsu Aegis Network, where she manages their global channel framework and provides communication support for their global Technology function. Laura has worked across a number of medium to large size organisations including Diageo, Credit Suisse and ANZ Banking Group providing strategic advice and support in internal communications, change management and channel development. Laura has experience in launching and managing a number of social media channels within global organisations and is passionate about collaboration and social media in the workplace.

15:45 Exhibition and App Fair

16:15 Paul Thomas, Online Communications lead, Grant Thornton

The name Jam may suggest a heavy metal group improvising onstage, but, at Grant Thornton UK LLP, it’s where over 4,000 partners and employees are making an altogether different type of music. "We asked our colleagues to suggest the name for the platform; Jam resonated with the ideas of stickiness and people working together," explains Paul Thomas , Online Communications lead at the UK professional services firm. Officially rolled out to the entire organisation in March, today Jam, which is based on Jive, has an adoption rate of 84%. Success of the new ESN is the result of much hard work. It all started with a soft launch to a smaller group of people to help build advocacy around the business benefits of the platform, before launching more widely to the whole firm.

16:45 Liam Kilminster, Social Collaboration for Centrica and British Gas 

Liam Kilminster is the business lead for Social Collaboration for Centrica and British Gas. Liam has worked in online communications and intranets for over 10 years and currently implementing the Yammer strategy across British Gas. “This includes gathering user requirements from a wide range of roles including executives, customer service agents and field-based engineers, providing solutions to meet theirs and the business needs.” He has successfully launched Yammer across British Gas with excellent adoption and usage rates and is currently planning the Yammer merger with British Gas’ parent company, Centrica plc. “With the launch of our social intranet due later in the year, utilising SharePoint 2013, now is all about readying our business for the social revolution”

17:15 Conference closes